In the WealthBeing blog, I shall be sharing our progress in developing the business and applying it to ourselves and others.

I’m firmly of the view that you can only ask others to do something if you’re prepared to do it yourself. That’s why the picture beside this blog, is not a perfect view from a picture gallery, but a view from my house, taken by me. If you look closely you’ll see that I’ve pruned a couple of trees which are now the “wrong” shape. But it’s a good view, and it satisfies me. I love it here and I can think of no better visual representation of WealthBeing than this view of our “green and pleasant land”. I’ve been here for 18 months and my challenges in that time have been some of those set out in the guide- creating the home that I want and finding ways to live, now that I have the financial freedom that comes from successfully selling a business that I helped to grow and then sell.

It’s been fun hosting friends from “the smoke”, enjoying their awe at the location and their surprise when my cooking turns out to be a little above average. That got me thinking: I have a part of my house which the previous owners called the East Wing. It’s not an alternative US Presidential location, just an additional bedroom and bathroom that they put on to maximise the value for the property. It’s quite separate from the main house, even has its own front door. And now I have planning permission to build a conservatory attached to it which could be an extra dining room for paying guests. So I can build a small business from doing things that I love: cooking, meeting new people, and (my latest hobby) gardening.