One of my favourite aphorisms sits on a shelf at home. It says:

  • Live fully
  • Love continuously
  • Laugh often

Is it really possible to make this maxim a reality? How many mountains over 20,000 feet do I have to climb to have had a full life? (answer – 1) And what constitutes continuous loving? Can’t it sometimes be a bit, um, wearing?

It’s up to you whether to laugh at that, but a good night’s sleep will make it more likely. In fact we are now learning that getting a good night’s sleep is the most essential component of well-being. So, it’s no surprise that entrepreneur Lara Morgan “of this parish” (she kindly wrote the foreword to the Guide), spotted a trend and has curated a range of aromatherapy based products to improve sleep issues not just last thing at night but through daily challenges such as stress, concentration and mood.

How did Lara turn a trend into a thriving business opportunity? The creative phase went something like this:

  • Lara’s experience in the toiletries industry passed the requirement to ‘bring something new to what you know’ when creating 100% natural oil therapeutic blends;
  • Aromas, unlike clothes, are always in your size but you don’t need them to get out of the house in the morning. So, they’re not a ‘must have’;
  • They fit in one of the two boxes identified in WealthBeing as suitable for SMEs: top left –many people have a low need i.e. ‘would like’ a solution. (The other is bottom right).

Then the work began to create the business. The practical starting point is a range of premium non-spill balms, which you apply to your pulse points and STOP INHALE RESET – a thinking often referred to as mindfulness. As with any great product nowadays Scentered is also a service and on a good day an experience -a change of ambience and a way to the most valuable commodity of all, time.

Next step is to market and sell it. The company doesn’t start from the premise that “if you don’t think you need our products then an advert (aka SHOUTING) or lecture from us will tell you that you do”. Rather they start from the focus of asking the customer how they want to feel. Scentered will ask you to consider if your sleep pattern could be improved through changes in your lifestyle. It’s likely that, like me, you follow some but not all of the recommendations – I sleep regular hours (ish), take exercise (but not right now. OK?) and don’t drink coffee after noon. But I can’t resist a quick peek at those Facebook alerts before I turn out the light.

You, dear reader, may simply be reading this out of curiosity and not be one of those who ‘would like’ to sleep better. But if, like me you don’t score 10/10 then you may well be considering a bit of a change in habits or wondering if this product can provide the solution? When I say ‘this’ I mean ‘these’ – there are six blends (Be Happy, Focus, De-Stress, Escape, Love and Sleep Well). Sometimes we are bewildered by choice and don’t make a decision. But a good website will help you to identify the right one(s) for you. If you click here  and use the code ‘WEALTHBEING’ at checkout* then you can see if it is, and also receive 20% off your order.

Let me know if the site and the product work for you and yours – but not between 11pm and 7am please!

*Promotional code T&C’s: Enter code ‘WEALTHBEING’ at checkout to receive 20% off. Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Valid until 31st December 2017.