I’ve always enjoyed cooking but over the last few years I’ve spent more time on it and now even my fellow diners enjoy the results! I was wondering to Tim as to why I enjoyed it and he, no mean chef himself, pointed out that it’s a mindful activity. I do feel present when I’m doing it, I have no time to think about anything else and of course the tastes and smells use more of my senses than any negotiation or business plan ever did. It fits the definition of Flow (see p 128): It requires skill and has a clear set of rules (wrong time or temperature and it’s ruined); I have skills sufficient to be confident but not finding it too easy; I have to focus hard so there is no room for anything else; and I get clear and immediate feedback.

WealthBeing is as much about looking after yourself as it is about helping others to contribute to the business. So make sure that you have an activity like this to keep your sense of balance. Btw cooking the books isn’t one!