As WealthBeing says, it’s inevitable that things will go wrong with your product or service. But that’s not a problem in growing a business, so long as you deal with it well.

Software is less “buggy” than it was. But nowadays everything tries to connect with everything else and this is where a lot of issues arise. Helpdesks are essential as are FAQs and checklists but these are just tools and the more skilfully that they are wielded the better the result. Done well, support can be not just a problem solver but positively enhance the reputation of the business and so build its brand. I think that the key word to convey to the team is Listen”.

I had been pleased with my high tech doorbell from Ring. It means that even when I’m away, if someone rings it I can speak to them from my phone because it connects via the internet. It took a couple of goes to achieve this. After the first attempt I returned it to Maplin’s because it was too far from my router to work. They accepted the refund without any quibble but I was disappointed not to have it. So I thought I would try a booster. I went back to Maplin’s, who had looked after me well, and the assistant found me the cheapest option. All worked well. Then, for reasons unknown, my doorbell didn’t ring on my phone. I emailed them and they sent me a list of things to do. I could just about work out the basic ones such as App notification and I had re-installed the App even before asking them. But there were a few other things they suggested I try such as anti-virus software, which I wasn’t sure about. Maybe I could remove the anti-virus software and get the phone to ring but why? And what does that mean to the health of my phone. Besides it was only the Ring app that wasn’t making a sound, all the others were.

So I went into the chatroom. They had my ticket number. They COULD have seen what I had previously been told. They COULD have asked me what I needed help with. But they didn’t. They started from the beginning again, and even said they weren’t experts on phones (at which point I suggested another assistant help out). I’m pretty sure, although it’s hard to believe, that I spent two hours going insane (i.e. repeating the same actions expecting a different result), until I plucked up the courage to delete the anti-virus software. Still no joy. But then I spotted the anti-nuisance call App, which I had tried before the anti-virus (all to remove the previous bug that infected my phone, you know how it goes). BINGO. One anti nuisance App deletion later I had sound from the Ring App.

But they had spent two hours not helping me, undoing the good work in the installation video, the elegant box that’s as good as Apple’s and the bespoke screwdrivers in tactile orange. And they haven’t asked me to complete a survey of their service. They did suggest that I get BT to increase my upload speed, which probably isn’t in the manual and did sound helpful. So I did. BT got me to reboot my hub, which caught an infection, and then told me I couldn’t increase upload speeds without paying more. But that’s a different story.