WealthBeing says that in order to succeed your service needs to be good – not perfect and not quite good. So I thought I would share this business card, which I think is good, and so indicates that the person to whom it belongs is good too. Here’s what I observe:

  • It’s a bit different. Christiane is a designer and we look to them for ways of expressing things that catch our eye by being different.
  • Its first words ‘HI I’M CHRISTIANE’ do what a business card should do first. I haven’t seen many others that do that – how often have you searched a card for the person’s name? And it’s in bold type to make sure that you start reading from the top left.
  • She’s a ‘senior designer’ not just a designer. Sometimes people use the freedom of starting their own business to create a different title to the one they had in their last job. But if you are a senior software developer and that’s what the company is doing then make sure people know of your expertise. If you’re still not convinced then count the number of times you hand over a card with CEO on it and people ask “So what exactly is it that you do?”
  • There are two lines of work description and two lines of personal information. We do business with those we like and trust, with whom we feel we have a connection. By putting two personal details Christiane is offering opportunities to connect. Even if you’ve never been to Germany and don’t like any form of beer, coffee or music there’s still something to talk about e.g. “so why did you leave Germany and come here?”

Finally there’s only one phone number and one email address. Clarity and simplicity demonstrate a good business, one that works hard to make it easy for the customer rather than make them do the work. No need to ask Christiane which is the best email or phone number. The implication is that the client will be cared for all along the way.

Her challenge now is to maintain this clarity as her business grows, as it surely must.