Last month I was on a panel of investors hosted by Rockstars mentoring at the Great British Business Show in Olympia. The best presentation that I saw was for a product called C-lash because it applied the principles of WealthBeing perfectly. Its founder, Codilla Gapare, had had chemotherapy and, amongst other things, had lost her eyelashes. She discovered that there was no existing solution to this problem so she created one – eyelashes that can be glued on to eyelids – unlike normal false eyelashes which are attached to natural lashes.

She understands the market size, costs of production and price that can be charged, so with £50,000 (the amount that I recommend is enough to start a WealthBeing type of business) she should be able to create her own wealth. And with the satisfaction that she is making the lives of cancer sufferers more bearable she has a head start in enjoying her well-being.