Many people want to create enough wealth to be independent and maintain a sense of well-being but wonder if they have the skills required to build a business and the character to survive and then thrive as the boss, or one of the bosses. They wonder what sacrifices of time, money and values they will have to make and whether it will all be worth it. WealthBeing was founded to guide people through this maze, to obtain enough wealth and a better sense of wellbeing. You don’t need to be Superman in order to achieve this. We suggest that there are only 3 attributes that will set you up for success:

  1. You know how to win. It’s not necessary to be an Olympic champion just to want to get some success;
  2. You want things to be different. You’d love the opportunity to provide a solution to someone’s problem
  3. You’re prepared to play the long game. Even in this fast moving world it will take longer than you first thought to achieve your goals. So be patient and in 5,6,7 years rewards will come

There are 5 key elements in creating enough wealth:

  1. Bringing something new to what you know;
  2. Having a partner or a mentor so that, between you, you are good at sales, production and management;
  3. Having a good product or service. Not just quite good but not perfect either;
  4. Knowing when to nurture it and when to expand – going from cash poor time rich to time poor cash rich;
  5. Thinking win-win and having a culture of clear communication.

There are 5 key elements to nurturing well-being

  1. Recognise that the business is not as important to anyone else as it is to you;
  2. Accept setbacks as part of the deal, they are not rejections of you personally; nor are they usually catastrophic
  3. Consider the business as an asset whose sale gives you freedom rather than a source of income, which doesn’t;
  4. Practise mindfulness, take some exercise and consume in moderation;
  5. Accept that you can’t have it all but you can have enough.

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