By Malcolm Durham


WealthBeing is a way of creating wealth while looking after your well-being. 

WealthBeing offers practical, and often counterintuitive advice. Choose a market that's neither too crowded nor too niche. Get yourself a partner or a mentor and know which will be better for you. Pay attention to your personal needs, alongside the needs of your growing business. Use techniques like NLP and mindfulness, but don t forget to watch your cashflow.

In this informative and inspirational book Malcolm Durham tells you how to value a start-up when it hasn't sold anything yet, how to build a team and move from being a doer to being a leader and how to handle the life-changing events surrounding the sale of the business you've worked for years to create. WealthBeing is about squaring the circle and getting the best of both worlds.

Malcolm Durham has been there done that and his tips and tricks will help you do it, too, measuring your progress along the way that culminate with his unique WealthBeing calculator. There's no better guide to have at your side if you really want to get rich and be happy while you do it.