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If you know how to win, are dissatisfied and feel that you want things to be better

Many people want to create enough wealth to be independent but wonder if they have the skills required and the character to survive and then thrive as the boss, making decisions that directly affect their livelihood and their staff. They wonder what sacrifices of time, money and values they will have to make and whether it will all be worth it.

WealthBeing was founded to guide people towards this goal - enough wealth and a sense of well-being - without making sacrifices that they regret. The guide outlines all the steps that are required, from wondering if you are capable, to dealing with the feeling of loss when you have sold the business, and how to invest your funds wisely. It also contains illustrative financials - what is a typical level of profit at each stage and how to raise money -and a calculator to show what profit the business needs to be making when you sell it.

Overall the journey looks like this:

The guide is a great handbook and you can read an in-depth summary here. But you may want some assistance in applying it to yourself. That's why we have mentors to help you who are available for £150 an hour; £400 for a half day.