WealthBeing - a guide to creating wealth and enjoying well-being

WealthBeing is the how-to-succeed-in-business book that doesn’t pretend you’re a secret Superman, but recognises that things don’t always run smoothly and presents solutions to problems before they even happen.

"I always choose mentors that have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and in the wealth world Malcolm Durham ticks those boxes and it is an honour to call him a friend. But unlike so many other “Wealth Gurus” out there..."
Deri Llewellyn-Davies AKA ‘The Strategy Man

"WealthBeing is an essential guide for anyone who is thinking of creating some wealth but is not sure of the challenges to their well-being that this might entail..."
Duncan Cheatle, Founder of Prelude Group

"A good read that covers what really matters for entrepreneurs. Malcolm has reflected honestly on his own journey and has offered us that same flat mirror with sage learnings, tips, tools and templates..."
David Glassman, Coach and mentor

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If you know how to win, are dissatisfied and feel that you want things to be better


Creating wealth needn’t stop you enjoying wellbeing. The principles to follow are:

  1. Bring something new to what you know, don’t try to create something in a market that you don’t know.
  2. Get a partner or a mentor. No-one can be good at sales, and production, and management and leadership. Find out what you can do and get someone else to do the rest.
  3. Make sure that the product is good and negotiate win-win.
  4. Calculate how much you need, using the WealthBeing calculator (one of the tools on the site).
  5. Sell the business when you achieve the profit that you need.

Doesn’t sound too daunting does it? Maybe it seems obvious but it’s not commonly done.

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Creating wellbeing doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice wealth. The principles to follow are:

  1. Recognise that the business is not as important to anyone else as it is to you. Even your life partner will view it as people view their step-children.
  2. Accept setbacks as part of the deal, they are not rejections of you personally.
  3. Recognise that doing, doing, doing can make you feel happy, but in the long run you need to see the business as an asset to be sold rather than an endless source of happiness that comes from being busy busy busy and in “Flow”.
  4. Practise mindfulness, take some exercise and consume in moderation. If you get out of kilter don’t worry, just recognise it and make a few adjustments.

Doesn’t sound too challenging does it? None of us get it all right all the time, but we can still feel well.

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Andrew McNally CEO Equitile

"This is an essential companion for anyone contemplating giving up the monthly pay-check to go it alone. Practical, realistic, heartfelt, informed. "

Deri Llewellyn-Davies AKA ‘The Strategy Man

"I always choose mentors that have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and in the wealth world Malcolm Durham ticks those boxes and it is an honour to call him a friend. But unlike so many other “Wealth Gurus” out there, Malcolm recognises the full integration of wealth and BEING, wealth on its own is hollow… a must read for anyone serious about wealth and life, I choose BOTH ;-)."

Patrick Foster of Noble and Taylor Ongar Ltd

"Work life balance is often talked about but very difficult to achieve. This is particularly so if you are ambitious to succeed with creating your own business, Malcolm Durham is realistic (he recognises the need for sacrifices in the early years), but at the same time he has set out in this book a clear method of being able to achieve the goal of creating a business which will ultimately satisfy the spiritual and financial needs which define 'wealthbeing'."

Adrian Gilpin, Chairman, Institute of Human Development

"Malcolm has achieved an extraordinary feat with WealthBeing – combining the psychology of money with a finance director’s practical guidance for building a business. Malcolm’s focus on the emotional aspects of business building and wealth creation are an important reminder that attitude is absolutely key to financial wellbeing, as it is to happiness. As I plan my own future and how my business can be the means to making it a comfortable one, I will keep coming back to this excellent book. An important work, and an inspirational one from someone who has actually done it (more than once!) "

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About the author

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Author carreer and biography

Malcolm’s entrepreneurial background began in the corporate finance department of BDO. At 28 he was the youngest FD of a fully listed company before founding Flexible Directors in 1991. It provides directors of all disciplines on a part-time or interim basis who guide ambitious enterprises to overcome their barriers to growth.

From 1989 he chaired his family’s construction business which was once judged more innovative than Autonomy plc and was sold to Vinci, the largest construction company in Europe, in 2008.

No superman, Malcolm climbed Kilimanjaro and sailed round Britain while writing this guide (but not simultaneously). He is treasurer of the Madrinha Trust, which develops future leaders of the developing world, and a supporter of the think tank Reform, whose mission is to find a better way of delivering public services and create economic prosperity in the UK.